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Do Albertan’s Think Notley Will Be Elected For Another Term?



Since last May Rachel Notley and the NDP have fallen in the polls from 41% to last weeks poll at 27%.

The NDP has dropped to 44% in Calgary and down to 17% for the rest of the province, may I ask why? We should all know it may have something to do with Bill 6 and the carbon tax that Notley has put in place in Alberta, which will cost the average household more money per year, up to $1000 a year more within 5 years. 

Do you think Rachel Notley and the NDP will have another chance to run for another term? If I was them, I won’t even campaign for another term, farmers are pissed off, oil workers are pissed off, everyone is pissed off at Notley. 

Is she going to come around and change things up for the better of Alberta? She’s done a great job with the last royalty review and let it be the way it was. But is that enough? 

Let’s see what Albertan’s think in the next election. 


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