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Trudeau Beats Harper In First 100 Days Spending.



Stephan Harper spent $4 Billion dollars during his first 100 days in office. The money was spent on grants, loans and on other stuff for Canadians. 

Justin Trudeau and the liberals have spent $1 Billion more in their first 100 days then Harper for a total of $5 Billion.

Harper’s first 100 days: 443 cheques worth $3.9 Billion

Trudeau’s first 100 days: 208 cheques worth $5.3 Billion

After announcing to pull jets out of Syria, Justin Trudeau committed $1.3 Billion to help with aid in Syria, and this aid could help ISIS fighters. Trudeau says they will help everyone that’s in need of aid. Not excluding ISIS members.

Is not like hurt ISIS members go around wearing tattoos on their foreheads saying “hey I’m ISIS”

All the rest of the money Trudeau has spent was for other countries to build infrastructure, education and climate change issues.

At the time of writing this, nothing has been spent or committed to Canadians.

Canadians deserve their money. Trudeau has made promises, one promise was to help Alberta in its rough times with the oil crash for $700 million for infrastructure, is Alberta going to see this?

Only time will tell.


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