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Is it possible? Yes according to George Clark.

Dissident political candidate George Clark said Feb. 5 he has more than 80,000 signatures on petitions looking for plebiscites to cancel Bill 6 and stop carbon charge enactment.

He says the number is noteworthy in light of the fact that Friends of Medicare gathered 80,000 names on a request to the Progressive Conservative government to stop the reintroduction of medicinal services premiums.

Clark will take the two Albertans First petitions to the progressions of the Alberta council on the main day of the spring sitting March 8, with busloads of supporters and a parade of 50 or more individuals on horseback.

“I will determine in advance if Premier Rachel Notley will grant the plebiscites, and we will have either a celebration of participatory democracy if she says yes, or launch our next steps,” he said in an interview Feb. 5.

He doesn’t expect either the Notley government or Lt.- Gov. Lois Mitchell to give the plebiscites, so he is arranging further activities, including displaying the petitions to Queen Elizabeth II.

He says he has found a component to expel Premier Rachel Notley from office “legally and democratically” in the event that she denies the appeal demand for a plebiscite, yet he won’t uncover his arrangement.

The administration can be unseated on the off chance that it declines to take part in the plebiscite process, Clark said.

“(March 8) is the day we can take action to remove Notley from the premier’s office. Legally, peacefully and democratically if she denies our petitions for Plebiscites,” Clark wrote in the tweet.

“I’ll be making the announcement at 12:15 p.m., by 12:30 we will be back in control of Alberta. Pass it on please & thanks,” he wrote.

He would not examine talk by some of his appeal endorsers of an arrangement to purchase NDP participations and discard Notley as repelled little “c” moderates disposed of Premier Alison Redford by voting against her in an initiative survey.

His Albertans First solicitors think they will have upwards of 250,000 names on the petitions, however Clark declines to affirm that and says he won’t set a bar to accomplish that abandons him open to assault, if the quantity of marks misses the mark.

Clark traversed Alberta in January to present his takeover arrangement at shut gatherings of the 2,000 volunteer solicitors coursing petitions asking Lt.- Gov. Lois Mitchell for plebiscites to repeal Bill 6 and stop carbon charge enactment.


In any case, the arrangement to assume control over the NDP by buying the lion’s share of enrollments has been advancing among his supporters as his petitions accumulated more pollsters and the solicitors assembled more names.

“Ignored but determined petitioners can have a lot of say in riding associations of all parties across the provinces,” Clark tweeted Dec. 22.

Won’t it be good to say “you’re fired” to Notley and her NDP? They are overpaid.

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