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Is Justin Trudeau letting Alberta burn to the ground?



Justin Trudeau has a good friend in the United States, they are such good friends that they came together for a dinner and shoot the shit, his name is Barack Obama, he’s the soon to be out of a job President of the United States.

Obama’s team offered Canada to help fight fires and Justin Trudeau turned them down, his best friend, would you turn down your best friends help if you lost your home to a fire? Probably not, but Justin Trudeau did and now 1000’s more are being evacuated from their homes and job sites because we simply can’t contain fires, we need rain, or help, Trudeau says there’s no need, Canada has it under control.

Is it coincidence that 4 oil towns are under fire threat? And two of Canada’s biggest oil sands mines? Makes me wonder, why is Trudeau not accepting help from foreign countries, even Russia offered help with specialized equipment and water bombers.

Justin Trudeau showed up in Alberta last Friday for photo ops to the Fort McMurray fire, his first time addressing the city evacuation of 88,000 people on live TV,  he made a shitty Star Wars comment which the Liberal media such as CBC cut from their programming so he doesn’t get criticized, but it was too late, we published the video and it got nearly 400,000.

The Prime Minister is doing very little to help the fire situation in Alberta and it seems like he’s deliberately letting Alberta burn, you have to ask yourself, what would happen if a city in Ontario started on fire?

Trudeau has proved many times he hates Alberta, especially the oil side of it, watch below as Ezra Levant put out an interesting video today, comment your thoughts below.


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