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Ruth Ellen Brosseau is “lucky to be alive” after molested by Justin Trudeau



Have you ever been bumped in the chest? If you get hit in the chest in the wrong place you could die, a punch in the heart could give someone a heart attack and her life could have been at risk.

Yesterday when Justin Trudeau molested NDP MP she was shocked and had the leave the House of Commons and missed a vote, so not only did Trudeau molest a Female, he also scammed someone out of a vote for the assisted dying bill that’s highly controversial.

In video from the House, Trudeau is seen walking toward Brown in a crowd of MPs in the Commons aisle, taking his arm in an apparent effort to move Brown toward his seat. While doing so, he encountered Brosseau, who was also standing in the aisle and was seen physically reacting after the contact.

“I was trying to start the vote, the prime minister grabbed my arm. I immediately told the prime minister to let go of me — now,” Brown said in a statement released later. “Immediately afterward, the prime minister went back down the aisle of the House to confront other members of opposition parties.”

Justin Trudeau apologized for molesting and assaulting a female but the opposition wants him to be arrested on assault charges, some say the media is blowing it way out of proportion but imagine if this happened in your work place? You would not only lose your job, but you would also get assault charges.

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