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Justin Trudeau May Be Fidel Castro Son, Explaining His “Deep Sorrows” For Castro’s Death



Justin Trudeau shows “deep sorrows” on behalf of all Canadians for the death of anti-human rights Fidel Castro, the former Cuban president. 

Back on October 29, 2015 this website published an article with the headline: “Confirmed: Photo Of Fidel Castro Holding His Son, Justin Trudeau (New Canadian Prime Minister)”

The article shows a photo of what appears to be Fidel Castro holding Trudeau as a baby. 

After Trudeau shows deep sorrows for Fidel Castro’s death he got criticized by many leaders on social media,  to defend his sorrows Trudeau said his father Pierre Trudeau was great friends with the Cuban dictator. 

Something fishy? Just a coincidence? Does this explain Trudeau’s “deep sorrows” for the death of Fidel Castro? We know Margaret Trudeau (Justin Trudeau)  slept with many men but can’t confirm this one. 


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