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What Trump Did For A Disabled Child Is Stunning



Megan was 10 years old and was born with Brittle Bone Disease.  Only 32 inches tall and unable to walk, Megan didn’t know any other children like herself.  Her mother, Debbie, wrote in to Maury’s show, who found another child named Tiffany with the same disease and introduced the two as guests on a show segment called “I May Look Different But I Have New Friends.”

Some time later, Megan was invited back onto the show again – and a new surprise was in store for her.   Maury told Megan someone else had seen the original show and taken a special interest in her – a very famous person.  Maury played a special video message from the famous person – Donald Trump.

Trump told her, “Hi Megan, My name’s Donald.  You probably don’t know me, but I was watching Maury’s show the other day, and I must tell you, you really hit me right here (in the heart.)   I think you are so beautiful, both inside and out, I had a little something, a little gift that I gave to Maury, who’s a friend of mine… and I hope you and your mother have a good time with it. And you’re very special, and you just keep it up and keep up that attitude. So good luck, and you stay in touch.”

Maury told Megan that Donald Trump “has his name on more buildings in New York City than any


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