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Horror as Christian mother stripped and beaten to death in India by mob hunting her son



Samari Kasabi, 55, a Christian from the village of Dokawaya, in Chhattisgarh, was killed in a brutal attack which has forced other Christians to convert to Hinduism for fear of being murdered.

Mrs Kasabi was stripped naked, beaten to death and then burnt by her neighbours in a night of terror.

The mob was looking for her son Sukura, 35, and his family when they decided to kill Samari instead.

Local police detained the village chief for two days before releasing him without charge.Several others have been arrested after Sukura reported his mother’s death to police in Sindgarh.

It is unclear what the mob’s motive was, but it has been feared Samari was killed because of her .

charity Open Doors says the family had previously been abducted by Naxalites, an Indian Communist guerrilla group, for their faith.

But the family were released after telling the militants they were praying for the sick and the needy in their village.



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