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SHA-TREE-A LAW: Muslim saws down Christmas tree in small Swedish town, leaving residents outraged



SWEDEN — The large Christmas tree at the main square in the small Swedish town of Hörby was sawed down during Saturday night. People in the town live in fear after a series of unrest recently.

– I looked out in the morning and saw that the tree was down. We first thought that it had blown down, says a resident to the local newspaper Skånskan.

It turned out that the Christmas tree had been sawed down about a meter above the ground.

When the newspaper visited the square at noon Saturday, there was great indignation.

Recently the newspaper has been reporting on unrest in several parts of Hörby, not least surrounding the square.

– This type of action is on a very low level, says Lennart Andersson, and has to laugh at the misery.

– It’s insane. Unfortunately, we have been waiting for it. I hope they will have security around the square going forward. I hope civilian patrols go out, she says.

The sawn down spruce is just one in a series of recent events that make Gunilla Kronbäck feel great fear. She takes out a pepper spray from her pocket.

– My friends are staying near the square and I live a bit away from the Ystadvägen. It has gone so far that I do not dare to visit them in the evenings, she says.

Maria and Rolf Persson also stop at the Christmas tree and shake their head. They think that a bad situation has occurred in the town.



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