End Times

Muslim cashier refuses to check out people buying wine because it is, “against her religion” according to Sharia Law



“If you apply for a job surely you’ve got to be able to do everything within the boundaries of that job.”

Indeed. The question is this: where will British authorities draw the line? How much Sharia compliance is acceptable to them, and how much is too much? Will the principle that all people should have equal access to services give way to Sharia exceptions? How many? Will Tesco eventually set up separate queues for those buying halal products and those buying haram ones? Will it eventually stop selling haram products altogether? Where exactly does this end, as far as Theresa May and her ilk are concerned?

“Furious Tesco shopper is ordered to ‘go and join another queue’ by Muslim cashier who refused to sell him a bottle of wine because it was ‘against her religion,’” by Joseph Curtis, Mailonline, December 28, 2016:

A father-of-three has hit out at Tesco after a Muslim shop assistant refused to sell him a bottle of wine due to her ‘religious beliefs’.

Lee Saunders was trying to buy the rosé wine at a superstore in Feltham, Middlesex, when he was told to go to a different till by the worker, who was aged in her 20s and wearing a headscarf.



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