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FIGHTING TERROR THE GERMAN WAY: Angela Merkel – Jihadists, Terrorists Simply Need Love and Compassion



Angela Merkel, Germany’s leading lady who’s responsible for opening the country’s doors to tens of thousands of Muslim refugees, said in New Year’s Eve remarks that the likes of ISIS terrorists and Islamic jihadists need more love and compassion.

Say what?

From the Express:

“Angela Merkel was branded ‘mad’ and ‘off her rocker’ today after giving a bizarre New Year’s Eve speech telling Germans to fight the bombs and guns of Islamic State with love and compassion.

“The embattled Chancellor, who is surrounded by armed guards around the clock and travels everywhere in a bullet-proof car, said terrified citizens should meet the ISIS terror threat with ‘openness.’

“Her remarks come less than two weeks after a failed asylum seeker drove an articulated truck into families at a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 and seriously injuring dozens more.”

Remember, this is the same Merkel who has opened Germany’s doors to migrants, to the point where her own citizens are rebelling, saying their country has become culturally unrecognizeable.

And part of the new Germany: Continuous fear of terror attacks.

Again, from the Express:

“In her annual New Year’s Eve address the under-fire leader was unrepentant, insisting that ordinary Germans should continue to attend public events despite the risk to their own lives.

“She said she was ‘so convinced’ that Germany would emerge from its migrant chaos stronger, and bizarrely stated that the public mourning following the Berlin attack had filled her with confidence for the country’s future.

“Speaking on national TV she said: ‘So what of the confidence that I spoke of at the beginning? Confidence in the midst of deep grief for the dead and injured?

“‘I think we could feel it here in Berlin and in many other German cities even in these difficult days – in the comfort that we were able to give or to receive.

“‘And in our firm determination to counter the terrorists’ hate with our humanity and our solidarity.



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