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This picture shows a sex slave auction – in Saudi Arabia



A very troubling picture is currently in circulation on social media.

It shows a woman who is kneeling in front of an audience of Arab men who want to buy her as a sex slave. It happened at an auction organized by the terrorist organization Islamic State – in Saudi Arabia, according to The Sun.

The photo was found on a cell phone belonging to a jihadist who was killed in the Iraqi city of Al-Ahirqat, which IS took over in 2014. The woman is believed to be Iraqi, according to the British authorities.

Members of the Iraqi army found the picture on the deceased jihadist’s phone as they liberated the town. They now claim that it is a picture of one of the sex slave auctions held in Saudi Arabia.

The Arab country is part of the coalition of countries along with the US and Britain to fight against the Islamic State, but several media reports claim that rich Saudi men are accused of sponsoring IS.

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