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Cops Instantly Arrest Muslim Woman With “Fake Pregnancy” Belly After Noticing 1 Thing



While the world joyfully celebrates the Christmas and New Year holidays, France remains on high alert this weekend in light of the recent terror attacks in Paris.

According to The Telegraph, French anti-terror police have arrested a husband and wife duo in possession of a fake pregnancy belly for condoning terrorism.

Local sources stated that the 25-year-old wife, identified only as “Camille” and reportedly a new convert to Islam, initially claimed she had purchased the belly online so that she would be given special treatment while riding public transportation. The belly, however, was also covered in tin foil.

Because tinfoil can be used to conceal explosives from metal detectors, investigators were understandably less than fully satisfied with that response.

When questioned additionally about why she had hollowed out the fake pregnancy belly, Camille told investigators it was for shoplifting.

The belly was discovered in the couple’s home following their arrest last week. Police also discovered that the couple had downloaded every edition of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State group’s propaganda magazines, “Inspire” and “Dabiq,” in addition to watching videos of Islamic State group terror atrocities.

Camille reportedly researched explosives and female suicide bombers heavily. Additionally, she had become even more conservative in her observance of Muslim religious traditions by only leaving home clothed in a full length veil.

No explosives were said to have been found in their home.

Though they have been released from police custody, the couple remained under house arrest and the investigation continues.



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