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OLDER HUSBANDS ALLOWED TO SLEEP WITH Child Brides On Weekends At Danish Asylum Centers



When Sharia Law becomes the official law of the EU, see how many bleeding heart liberals will be wishing they could turn back time. It’s only a matter of time before the Dutch women will clad in head-to-toe burqas. How very progressive…

With the mass Muslim migration into Eurabia comes the Islamic law and its attendant misogyny, pedophilia and misogyny. That’s to be expected. What was not expected when I began to engage in this fight 15 years ago was the sanction of this brutal and extreme ideology by Western leaders in academia, media and politics.

Child brides present at Danish asylum centers, & the leaders allow it! By DioDK, January 27, 2016: That is according to MetroXpress (Denmark’s most popular free newspaper)

Girls down to the age of 14 seek asylum in Denmark as child brides.

The younger ones stay at a special asylum center for children.
Many of them have a husband with



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