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Fed-Up Trump Is About To Kick 2 MAJOR Groups Off Food Stamps That’s Never Been Done Before



When Donald Trump won the presidency, he was given our overwhelming national debt to go with it. He’s been determined to reduce it since the second he took office and is about to make a big dent in it by removing two huge groups off food stamps who taxpayers probably didn’t realize they were paying for.
The onslaught of welfare reform news over the last several weeks has been a huge wake-up call to those enjoying the free ride on the coattails of hardworking Americans. From eliminating the “Obamaphone” to requiring drug tests before benefits, the new rules in addition to this just a lot worse for certain people who could now be evicted from the system for good.
Overseeing the food benefit program (SNAP) is The U.S. Department of Agriculture, who reportedly has almost 43.6 million people getting food stamps as of April 2016. On that massive meal ticket are a particularly grotesque bunch of criminals who have been convicted of sickening sex crimes and murder. These violent perverts are among those getting the boot.
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