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According To A New Study, Scientists Say Women Need To Stop Wearing Their Bras Immediately.



To wear a bra or not…that is the question! Do you wear a bra for esthetic or health reasons? There is actually a “National No Bra Day” that occurred on October 13th; the point of this nutty sounding day had the serious purpose of promoting breast cancer awareness and raising funds for research.

Speaking of research, a study was done by Jean-Denis Roullion, a French Sports science researcher. The thinking has been that wearing a bra provides the support necessary to prevent sagging and to promote overall breast health. He conducted a 15-year longitudinal study on the effects of wearing a bra on 330 women, between the ages of 18 to 35.

He concluded from his findings that wearing a bra actually did not benefit breast support, and conversely found a 7mm lift in the areola of women who went BRALESS. He interpreted this finding as indicative of bras causing the negative effect of



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