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Former Muslims Slam Facebook for ‘Disrespecting’ Islam By Shutting Down Page



A group of former Muslims — an anonymous group — issued some scathing criticisms against Facebook after the social media site shuttered a page about Islam on the basis it violated community rules.

Several Arabic-based atheist pages were also shut down on Facebook, according to the group of anonymous former Muslims.

The group is comprised of ex-Muslim Australians.

And they say Facebook shut down the page and left thousands of its followers in the cold.

Now, they accuse Facebook of “disrespecting” Islam, the Australian reported.

From the Daily Mail (thanks to Jihad Watch):

“‘Restrictions to these platforms would be overwhelmingly damaging for ex-Muslims who are too afraid to go public with their views due to the taboo of leaving and criticising a religion,’ a spokeswoman for the group said.

“Pioneers of the ex-Muslim groups have condemned the social media giant for censoring content and filtering the type of information available to users.

“The pages exist for ex-Muslims to denounce their former religion and band together with other previous adherents of Islam.

“Anti-Islamic pages ripped from cyberspace include the Ex-Muslims of North America page – which soon resurfaced – and a page called Mufti News which parodied Muslim news.

“Several Arabic-based Atheist pages were also shut down on Facebook, the group alleges.

“Administrators of the pages have asked Facebook to reconsider its community guidelines to allow for a more diverse conversation on the Islam faith.

“However dozens of ex-Muslim groups and pages remain visible on Facebook, including the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, Ex-Muslims of Norway and Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand.”



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