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Italian Court To Migrants: Conform to Country’s Values, or Leave



A court in Italy ruled that migrants must conform to the values and cultures of the country they’re in — or leave.

Specifically, the court was addressing the public carrying of knives, something that’s banned in Italy.

A high court in Italy ruled sikhs cannot carry knives in public because it conflicts with Italian law.

The ruling, from the Italian High Cassation Court, came from a case brought by a Sikh Indian who wanted to carry a knife in public, despite prohibitions by Italy law.

Wonder how the ruling would’ve panned if it had been handed down against a Muslim migrant, though?

From ANSA (thanks to Jihad Watch):

“The Italian High Casssation Court on Monday ruled against a Sikh Indian migrant who wanted to carry in public a knife that his religion considers sacred, even though it is against Italian law. The Court said migrants who choose to live in the Western world have an obligation to conform to the values of the society they’ve chosen to settle in, even if its values differ from their own. “An attachment to one’s own values, even if they are lawful in the country of origin, is intolerable when it causes violating the laws of the host country,” the Court said.

“‘The multiethnic society is a necessity, but it can’t lead to the formation of conflicting cultural groups of islands according to the ethnicities they’re made up of, precluding the unity of the cultural and judicial fabric of our country, which identifies public safety as an asset to defend and as such bans carrying weapons and objects aimed at injury,’ the Court said.”

The ruling, once again,, came against a Sikh migrant, not Muslim migrant, and it dealt specifically with the carrying of knives in public. It’s not yet clear if the ruling will apply to Muslim migrants who want, say, sharia law over Italian law to take priority.



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