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Pakistan Cleric Tortures and Shaves Boy, 11, For Failing Religious Lesson



A cleric in Multan, Pakistan, allegedly tortured one of his students, a boy, age 11, because he didn’t properly learn his religious lessons, the parents said.

A cleric in Multan was accused of torturing and shaving a boy, age 11, for failing to properly learn his lessons.

Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah Bukhari, who lives in Luda, told reporters his son, Muhammad Bilal, a student at Faizan-e-Madina madrassa, was physically harmed by teacher Qari Muhammad Fiaz.

Specifically, the teacher beat up the boy for failing to commit a lesson to memory, the Express reported.

And he used a steel rod during the beating — after which he shaved the boy’s head, the news outlet said.

From the Express:

“According to Bukhari, Bilal had not memorised a lesson so Fiaz, the cleric, got angry and punched the 11-year-old in his stomach and face breaking several teeth. Fiaz then also used a steel rod to beat Bilal before shaving his head, said the father.

:He added that one of Bilal’s classmates informed him that he was bleeding.

“‘I immediately rushed to the seminary and found him unconscious so I took him to a hospital,’ said Bukhari.

“Bilal said Qari Fiaz routinely tortured students at the seminary and also shaved their hair off.

“The boy’s parents demanded Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif take notice of the matter and initiate legal proceedings against the cleric.

“When contacted, Fiaz told The Express Tribune that he did shave of students’ hair because of the summer heat, but denied that he had tortured Bilal.”



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