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German Migrant Teen Cut Off Asylum Seeker’s Eyelids, Bit Off Ears



Talk about horrific — a teenager in Germany was left with a mutilated face after a migrant, an Eritrean seeking asylum, reportedly bit off his ears and stabbed him in the eyes.


Migrants in Germany have been causing a lot of headaches for law enforcement and the courts.

The 18-year-old, also a refugee, owed him money, according to local authorities.

The attacker also cut off both the teen’s eyelids and then stabbed him in the eyeballs with a ballpoint pen, various media reported.

From the Daily Mail:

“Afterwards he bit off both his ears and chewed them so they could not be reattached.

“Hanau State Court heard that surgeons were lucky to save the young man’s life – but he will never see again.

“The attack took place in Schlüchtern in the state of Hesse in October 2016.

“The refugee attacker, 19, said he was incensed at the fact he had been ‘stiffed’ over the loan. But a criminologist said more must have lain behind the frenzied assault.

“Rudolf Egg from Wiesbaden said: ‘The fact that the victim’s ears were ripped off like a wild animal is almost animalistic – a most unusual case.

“‘The deed was by no means a normal brawl. If you only want to hurt your victim, you don’t have to do such things.’

“The criminal psychologist suspects that it must have been about more than money.

“He added: ‘Perhaps jealousy played a role. Because the perpetrator did not want his victim to be injured but to be displaced. He wanted him to look ugly and desecrated.’

“The court heard that a resident in the refugee accommodation where the assault occurred heard loud screams from the home of the perpetrator and called police. Officers broke down the door and seized the bloodstained attacker sitting atop his victim who was lying in a pool of blood.

“The victim, a Somalian, was rushed to hospital after the assault prosecutors labeled ‘ritualistic.’

“The attacker is being charged with assault and attempted murder.”



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