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Merkel: Germany Won’t Step Up Fight Against ISIS Even If NATO Does



Merkel knows that if she fights ISIS too strongly, the Muslims she has brought to Germany in massive, society-changing numbers will revolt. She has to please them. They’re the masters of Germany now. And she is the most disastrous and destructive German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler.

“Merkel: Germany Won’t Step Up Fight Against ISIS Even If NATO Does,” by Saagar Enjeti, Daily Caller, May 12, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not plan on increasing the country’s commitment to the fight against the Islamic State even if NATO increases its commitment to the fight, she declared Thursday.

Merkel appeared with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who has indicated he is amenable to President Donald Trump’s insistence that the alliance increase its commitment to the U.S. led anti-ISIS effort.

Trump pushed Stoltenberg to “adapt to the challenges of the future” during his April 12 visit. “This includes upgrading NATO to focus on today’s most pressing security and all of its challenges, including migration and terrorism,” he continued….



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